At Brigg & Foss we are always on the lookout for little gems – products that crossover from a niche into the mainstream, and Connell of Sheffield seems to have a knack of producing just such products.

Connell of Sheffield are specialists in short production runs of quality handmade leather and suede products. They are a small team but with a huge range of products mostly designed for specialist sectors such as builders, scaffolders, woodworking and agriculture. But they also make a range of leather products that make excellent gifts for anyone interested in gardening, cooking, DIY or crafts.

The company first came to our attention when we were looking for a leather tool bag – nothing too fancy, something plain, honest and made in the UK. A tool bag is a practical item, it needs to be strong enough to contain heavy tools, but light enough to carry. It should be waterproof, but we definitely weren’t looking for any nasty plastics or PVC.

Deluxe holdall in dark brown leather

The Connell of Sheffield tool holdall is made of high quality UK sourced heavy-duty suede. sewn with rot-resistant nylon thread and nickel plated rivets. It is large enough for garden tools and barbecue utensils. The suede is lined on the interior with a waxed finish, which gives it a degree of waterproofing and increases the toughness of the leather. The base of the bag is reinforced on the inside and has heavy duty studs on the bottom. The 30″ size makes it a proper holdall – perfect for carrying or storing a variety of tools.

Connell of Sheffield are a small team, who produce the holdall in-house, from the roll of suede right up to the finishing. You can be sure that your holdall is made with care right here in Yorkshire, and the customer support is excellent.

The bag makes an ideal gift for anyone who has a lot of tools hanging around, as it looks good enough to be left around the house, but is heavy duty enough to be thrown in the back of a van or carried around.

Connell of Sheffield Knife Roll for Chefs

The keenest cook needs the sharpest knives, and if like a professional you prefer to keep your best knives out of the dishwasher and away from little hands, a knife roll is a great idea.

Connell of Sheffield make a tough, hard-wearing knife roll in a beautifully soft waxed black leather. The wax coating means that the roll is surprisingly easy to keep clean and dry, you can simply wipe water and grease away.

This knife roll holds seven knives and a standard steel safely and securely. Once the knives are wrapped up you can put them away. The roll is useful if you have valuable knives or if you are particularly precious about who uses your knives!

The roll costs £99.50 and is available exclusively from the Famous Sheffield Shop  –  you can also buy high quality Sheffield-made knives from here to go with the roll.

For more information about Connell of Sheffield’s product range see


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